Michael Dean Chadwick is a nationally recognized speaker who is known for his relevant, motivational, humorous and inspirational approach as he speaks to all age groups in various venues throughout the US.

The power of his personal testimony about overcoming his drug and alcohol addictions, to the tragic death of his son, to surviving a life-threatening illness, has impacted thousands of large church audiences, to business professionals, to high school students and athletes, to millions of radio listeners across the country.

Michael Dean lives his life according to the theme that people should use their talents and abilities to do something great for those who do not have the means to do it for themselves. As you hear Michael Dean’s story, be prepared to be encouraged and powerfully transformed into what God has called you to be.

This is Michael Dean Chadwick.


About CrossOver Ministries

His Reach

The power of his personal testimony has impacted thousands of large church audiences, thousands of high school students and athletes, business professionals and radio audiences across the country.

Having been heard by millions of people through a radio broadcast with Focus on the Family, Michael Dean’s personal testimony of his life experiences and personal struggles will impact you for life, encourage your heart and give you perspective on what truly matters.


His Ministry

Michael Dean Chadwick Ministries began over 20 years ago after the tragic loss of his son, Mikie. Mikie had prayed, as an 8 year old boy, that God would let his life count. 24 hours later Mikie was gone in a tragic car accident.

Mikie’s life story has influenced and inspired millions of people, who heard Michael Dean share it on a Focus on the Family radio broadcast; the story of Mikie’s life continues to impact others today.

Michael Dean Chadwick Ministries is a nonprofit organization he founded in order to share his story of faith amidst personal struggles and tragedy. He challenges others to make positive changes in their own lives and in the lives of people around them.

Partner Organizations and Ministries


Michael Dean assists his daughters Kelly and Katie with their growing and inspirational company called Scripture Art.


Michael Dean works closely with his daughter Katie and son-in-law Josh Hamilton (MLB All-Star) with their Triple Play Ministries organization.


Young Life brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of adolescents with an approach that is respectful of who kids are and hopeful about who they can be.


The mission of Zone 32 is to provide a safe place for students to support and share among peer groups facilitated by professionals.


He is a sought after speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and serves on the Eastern NC Board of Directors for FCA.

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More details coming soon on CrossOver’s partnership with a project in Haiti.

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